Exhibition Jury

Mr. John M. Hotchner, RDP,  Falls Church, VA  - Chairman
Mr. Colin Fraser | Mr. Timothy G. Wait, Rockford, IL | Mr. Ronald E. Strawser, Houston, TX
Mr. Darrell R. Ertzberger, Corrales, NM | Dr. Jan H. Hofmeyr, Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, Canada - Apprentice Judge
Daniel Knowles, Santa Fe, NM - Apprentice Judge

Exhibit Listings

Posted April 29, 2022

George Brett Cup (* indicates not eligible for other RMSS awards)

The Walt Disney Postal Commemoration of 1968
The First Definitive Set of Stamps of the Republic of Panama. The Hamilton Bank Note Co. Issue of 1906-1907
Chile - The Presidente Issue of 1911-1934
Holbøll's Danish Christmas Seals 1904-1927
The 1910 Centenary Issue of Colombia
  *The 3¢ Connecticut Tercentenary Issue of 1935 and Its First Days
Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps
SCADTA Airmail 1929-1931
The Kansas and Nebraska Overprints
The Jewel City - Postcards of the Panama Pacific International
Establishing the United States Transcontinental Air Mail Service, May 15, 1918 - June 30, 1924
Postal Rates During the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49
Burma - The First Two Issues
* U. S. Vended Postal Insurance (1965-1985)
The 3¢ 1936 Oregon Territory Issue
Uses of the 1¢ Franklin Series of 1903-1909
SCADTA Mail to and from Switzerland
Getting Swiss Airmail off the Ground
The Varieties and Uses of the China Martyrs Stamps, 1932-1951
* Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific
Warsaw Postal Admin - First and Second Provisional Issues
New York Stamp Taxes on Bonds, 1910-20
Aloha - The 80 Cent Diamond Head Stamp of 1952
Uses of the 1¢ Franklin, Series of 1902, !903-1909

Open Competition - Multi-Frame Exhibits

General Large Format Revenue Stamps of Ecuador: 1881-98
Sardinia - The Cavallini Letersheets of 1818-1836
 Go for the Gold! Intro of Women in the Olympic Games
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Colorado Postal Markings
Court Fee Issues of the Indian State of Bharatpur (1908-1935)
Buffalo and Bison
My Revenge for the World Cup in Football
1st Stamps of South Africa: Pretoria 1/2d, 1d & 6d Typographed Issues of 1927-1929
Walt Disney's 2nd Superstar: Donald Duck
Canada - Postal History of the 1927 Confederation
Foreign Volunteers in the German Military During WWII
Roosevelt's Blue Buzzard
Fire: Advertising & Illustrated Mail Document Fire-Related Subjects, 1817-Early 1930s
The Post of Turin and Taxis, 18th Century and Enfing in 1867
A Postal History of Hartford, Connecticut
Cancellations of the Provisional Era in Latvia: 1919-1921
Jozef Pilsudski Father of Poland's Independence - 2nd Republic
The Washington Bicentennial Commemorative Stamps
The Evolution of Bridges
1901 Pan-American Exposition and Commemorative Series of Stamps
Ancient Egypt:  Time of the Pharaohs
The Poland Flag Stamp of the United States - Overrun Countries
German Afrika Corps
Foreign Volunteers in the German Military During WWII
Mexico First Issue by District 1856-1865: The 572 Stamp Set Challenge
Czesław Słania

Open Competition - One - Frame Exhibits

How Did Early America Spell Relief:  Outhouses
The Peruvian Guano Trade: Boom and Bust, 1845-1879
Mt. Everest Expedition Mail - 1922-1953
Phillumeny Meets Philately
Grand Canyon, Arizona Territory Post Office 1902-1912
Airmail Between the U.S. and Iraq 1940-41: The Pan Am Transpacific and Horseshoe Routs are Joined
Peru's 12 Centavos Issue of 1905
The 1944 Woldenberg POW Olympics
The D Rate-Change Stamps of 1985
Thar She Blows! Fiscal History of US Whaling, 1862-1872
First Overprints of Ireland 1922-1935
Early Postmarks of Mexico and the Establishment of the First Domestic Routes in 1791
The British Colonies High Value Key Plate Stamps 




An Analysis of Edward H. Mitchell's Production of His Exaggerated California Produce Cards
Making America's Favorite Dessert, the Apple Pie
Modern British Counterfeits


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