India Study Circle for Philately

Our scope, aims and purpose
The ISC was formed in Great Britain in the 1950s to promote study and research into the philatelic and postal history of India. This is intended to cover Convention and Feudatory States of India, areas outside of India which have been under the administration of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department and revenue/fiscal and even Cinderella items. The scope of the ISC is governed by geographical rather than political reasoning. “Geographical” in this context is defined as the land mass known as the Indian sub–continent. Thus, in addition to the Republic of India, the interests of the ISC embrace the Republics of Bangladesh, Burma and Pakistan, which were formerly all part of the Empire of India.

At the same time, however, the scope covers the areas of Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim, which were never part of the Empire of India, as well as former Danish, French and Portuguese possessions in India. Externally, areas such as East Africa, Aden, Persian Gulf, and Singapore only fall within this scope whilst such areas were administered for postal purposes by the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department, or subsequently supplied with overprinted Indian stamps.
In addition to obvious philatelic matters such as the issue of stamps and postal stationery and their postal use, the scope of the ISC embraces the study of all types of postal markings, postal rates, postal routes etc. Within the field of postal history it is also concerned with the organisation of the postal administrations and the methods of operation, and the regulations of these administrations. The study of Judicial, Fiscal and Revenue issues of India and the States is also included.
The Society also covers Military Postal History in any part of the world where the Indian Army has operated and established postal communications; also the British Army in India. A similar widespread scope defines Maritime Postal History and Aero-philately.

The purpose of the ISC is to provide an organization, which will permit all who are interested in any aspect of Indian postal history and philately to join and participate in its activities. The aim of the Society is to promote research and to provide permanent records of as many different aspects of Indian philately and postal history as possible. The ISC is Affiliate 111 of the American Philatelic Society.

Your subscription entitles you to:
• Four full color 40-60 page India Post Journals each year – providing regular access to authoritative research, expertise information and guidance
• Regular Postal Auctions of Indian and Indian States philatelic items, postal history and Revenue/Cinderella material
• Occasional Grand Auctions entirely devoted to better quality India-related philatelic items
• Periodic meetings in the USA: New York (2016), Denver 2018
• Access to a library resource by post in USA
• Support for research and specialized publications
• Access to a dedicated website
• Recognition of philatelic achievements at American Philatelic Society sponsored shows
• Access to a discursive, problem solving Yahoo site – dealing with philatelic issues at:

John Warren, ISC Regional Representative, P.O. Box 7326, Washington, DC 20044

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