1. Any exhibitor is eligible to enter up to three exhibits by conforming to these rules and regulations. All exhibits must be entered on the official entry form or a copy thereof. Each exhibit must be entered on a separate form.
2. All material must be the property of the exhibitor or of members of an immediate family living in the same household.
3. Exhibitor’s names shall not appear on the faces of pages, though names and addresses are permissible on covers.
4. Exhibits that have won any of the following are ineligible for competitive awards at Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2021: Grand Award at a WSP show (during the current exhibition year); StampShow Champion of Champions Award; One Frame Grand at any WSP Show within the past year; International Grand Prix (National, International, or Classes of Honor) or three International Large Gold Medals after the last APS Stamp Show.
5. Exhibitors are eligible for competition for the Novice Award if they have never exhibited before at an APS WSP exhibition or any other major national or international show.
6. Notwithstanding the statement of 4. above, exhibits entered by invitation for the George Brett Cup competition that have won a Grand Award at a WSP show (during the current exhibition year) will be accepted as a competitive exhibit for the GBC award only and not for other show or society awards.


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