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RMSS DealersEach year Rocky Mountain Stamp Show welcomes 25 to 40 philatelic dealers to the show. A variety of tables, table sizes, and floor locations are available by completing the registration forms and submitting a deposit to the Bourse Chairman, Ron Lampo by the deadline indicated in the Bourse Dealer packet.

Bourse Contact Information

Bourse Chairman
Rocky Mountain Stamp Show
PO Box 371373
Denver CO 80237-5373

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Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2022 Policies for Dealers

RMSS Dealers

1.  Right of Acceptance: As the parent organization of the Rocky Mountain Stamp Show (RMSS), Rocky Mountain Philatelic Exhibitions, Inc. (ROMPEX) reserves the right to accept applications only from those professionals (Dealers) who, in its sole opinion, best serve the ROMPEX Purpose. The Dealer understands that ROMPEX is under no obligation to lease bourse space to the Dealer for the current show, on an annual basis, or at future events. Violation of policies may cause ROMPEX to suspend future consideration of a Dealer.

2.  Selection: The delivery of the Bourse Application (Application) and associated documentation, the acceptance of the Application for consideration (Acceptance), and allocation and assignment of booth locations is discretionary and reserved to the ROMPEX Bourse Committee.

3.  Satisfactory References: Satisfactory references may be requested for any Dealer prior to consideration of the Application. Applications containing incorrect or misleading information or lacking full deposit monies will be declined. Expulsion of the Dealer, including listed employees or persons assisting the Dealer (collectively Assistants) from the APS, NSDA, or ASDA will void the Application and/or Acceptance and will be treated as a cancellation.

4.  Cancellation: A Dealer who cancels their commitment to attend RMSS prior to April 30 agrees to forfeit their $200.00 deposit unless a suitable replacement Dealer, found by the canceling Dealer, assumes the obligation. No refunds will be made after April 30 for any reason.

5.  Occupancy of Booth: Booths may be used by Dealers and their Assistants only for merchandising philatelic material and related supplies, equipment, literature, and other items that serve the ROMPEX Purpose. The Dealer's Booth shall be occupied, fully operational, and open for business during stated show hours.

6.  Exhibition Floor Layout: The Exhibition Floor Layout (Layout) has been reviewed and approved by the local jurisdiction. ROMPEX furnished items (e.g., tables, curtains) shall not be moved from their fixed position as noted on the Layout. No shelves or merchandising of any kind may be placed outside of the booth space. Aisles as noted on the Layout shall always remain clear and open.

7.  Security and Liability: Neither ROMPEX, nor any of its member clubs, nor any participating society, nor any of their committees or employers shall be liable for personal injury, property damage, or loss arising from any cause whatsoever. Every security precaution, including an armed guard, will be provided at Dealer set-up, at take-down, and overnight at a minimum. The Dealer understands and agrees that, during the entire duration of the show, the Dealer's property remains at Dealer's sole risk. Dealers desiring insurance should provide their own coverage.

8.  Hold Harmless: Dealer agrees to hold ROMPEX, its officers, agents, and committees harmless from any liability or claim for the personal injury, property damage, or loss due to theft or other causes, and indemnify ROMPEX for any such loss or claim concerning the Dealer, his/her Assistants, agents, servants, employees, associations, spectators, or customers.

9.  Arapahoe County’s Indemnification Clause: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Dealer shall indemnify and hold harmless Arapahoe County, Colorado (County), its officers, agents, employees and insurers from and against all claims, damages, losses, expenses and demands, including court costs, attorney's fees and expenses, due to injuries, losses or damages arising out of, resulting from, or in any manner connected with the event, if any such injury, loss or damage is caused in whole or in part by, or is claimed to be caused in whole or in part by the act, omission. error, mistake negligence, or other fault of Dealer, any officer, employee, representative or agent of the Dealer, anyone directly or indirectly employed by the Dealer, or anyone for whose acts the Dealer may be liable; provided, however, that except for workers' compensation, disability benefits or other similar employee benefit claims. Dealer is not obligated to indemnify the County hereunder for that portion of any claims, damages, losses, demands, and expenses arising out of or resulting from any grossly negligent act or omission of the County, or its officers, agents, or employees. Dealer's indemnification obligation hereunder shall not be construed to negate, abridge, or otherwise reduce any other right or obligation of indemnity which would otherwise exist as to any party or person described in this section.

10. Hotel’s Release of Information Clause: Should you choose to stay at the show hotel, you consent to allow the hotel to share your reservation information with ROMPEX.

11. Taxation: Each Dealer is directly responsible to the proper taxing authorities for the collection and payment of individual taxes. There is always the possibility that taxing authorities may audit.

12. Interpretation: Any decision of the Bourse Chairman as to the interpretation of these policies (or anything pertaining to Dealers) is final.

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